The Company

Inroda started in the city of Avaré, São Paulo state, on Rio de Janeiro street in the 60s. In a small workshop owned by “João, the lathe operator”, the product which would revolutionize the practices of cleaning crops and pastures in Brazil, the Avaré pull-type rotary cutter was created. Along with lathe works, Mr. João Sampaio fixed truck parts, cars, tractors and agricultural machinery.

He then had the idea of using a truck chassis to manufacture farm trailers. Together with his brother Roque, he ran several tests using truck differential axles with a set of cutting knives coupled directly to the pinion. The prototype of the first Rotary cutter in the country was created.

After exhaustive mechanics studies and great dedication, the invention turned into a simple, robust and versatile implement.

Cattle breeders and farmers liked the product so much at the time that, in a short time, the Rotary cutter, which was initially made-to-order started being industrially manufactured. The rotary cutter industry was then created: Desbravador Avaré - Inroda.

With mass production and the mission of meeting the continuous orders for the product, the company purchased new, bigger and more adequate facilities where it moved to in early 1971. At the new headquarters at 810 Piauí street, Inroda started a continuous development program adopting new technologies, gaining experience and investing in the training of its employees. As the industry grew, new implements such as hydraulic rotary cutters, loader buckets, silage forks, hydraulic cranes, grinders, forage dump trailers were manufactured.

Today, the search for the quality products and the concern with its customers’ total satisfaction give Inroda the experience to be the leader in rotary cutters sales in Brazil and to achieve international success.

  • Mission

    Inroda is a family-owned company whose mission is to meet the needs of customers through professional management, quality products and employees engaged in the business.

  • Vision

    Be a reference company in the sector of agricultural machinery and implements for the domestic and international markets.

  • Values

    Commitment: create an atmosphere of commitment through collaboration, solidarity and optimism to reach common objectives.

    Honest: Show honesty through transparent and coherent attitudes in search of a righteous conduct.

    Responsability: through responsibility we can recognize and truly assume our role inside the organization to reach and excel in results taking into consideration the consequences of our acts and attitudes.

    Integrity: have a coherent and fair posture respecting people and organizations.

    Dignity: create an atmosphere where people are understood, respected and valued for their own merits.

    Sensibility: keep the team spirit through empathy and humbleness.