• Online Fair – Inroda CampoShow

    INRODA CAMPOSHOW is the online fair created by Inroda for our customers. With special price conditions that we always present at physical fairs, now with the convenience of the online world! Our online fair takes place from April 27th to May 15th. Don't miss out! C...

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  • Campaign – One hand washes the other

    Yesterday we started a campaign with Inroda employees. "One hand washes the other" aims to warn about the coronavirus and the correct way to prevent ourselves. Our work safety technique, Aline Vendrametto, presented employees with the latest information about the v...

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  • Informational – Coronavirus

    This past Friday (13), HR manager Roberto Mariani, shared information with employees about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). On the occasion, he presented illustrations and research available in a newsletter from the State of São Paulo, with some symptoms and methods to prev...

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  • Visit of Jacto

    Yesterday (10), Inroda employees went to visit the company Jacto in Pompéia. One of the largest companies in the field of agricultural machinery. On the occasion, it was possible to observe the means of production, processes and indicators of the industrial area. W...

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  • International Women’s Day 2020

    Today we deliver a souvenir to our employees in celebration of International Women's Day !! We thank you for all your dedication and commitment.

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  • Labor Gymnastics Awards

    This last Wednesday the awards were given to the sectors that most participated in labor gymnastics. Employees in the Accounting and Financial sectors, the most participatory sectors in February, will have the options to enjoy a Day Use at SESI in Botucatu or parti...

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  • February Birthdays

    Today we celebrate the anniversary of our employees in February! We wish you all success and health!

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  • Home Time 2020 – Dalton Micarelli

    Today our collaborator Dalton Micarelli received the 10 year award from Inroda! On the occasion, he won a dinner to celebrate with his family. We thank you for all these years of collaboration, dedication and commitment.

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